Alcohol Alcoholism : The World 's Most Gateway Drugs Essay

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Alcohol is one of the world’s most gateway drugs. Alcohol is the most commonly used substance used in the United States about 17.6 million people, or in every 12 adults suffers from alcohol abuse. Drinking alcohol affects both children and adults in several different ways which may cause alcohol abuse, such as alcoholism. Alcoholism is a very serious illness and disease that is the number one cause of deaths and problems within society today. How can society put a stop to alcoholism and make this world a better place? Alcohol has been intriguing and intoxicating humans for at least seven thousand years; chances are for the making of alcohol was by accident. Alcohol is made from fruit, grains, honey, etc. left standing alone over a long period over time into a substance called yeast. Yeast sets in motion a process called fermentation that produces alcohol. Man’s first alcoholic beverage in history is beer. Drinking was a lot more common back then it is today, some believed it was a gift from god, or the water of life. It was believed that alcohol prolongs life, clears away ill-humors, relieves the heart and maintains youths (Alice 12).
Many Americans adults drink alcoholic beverages in honor of celebration, such as parties, quinceanera, job promotions, etc. Not many know that alcohol abuse has destroyed lives and ruined families. Many agree that drinking alcohol is a great feeling that eases tension. Alcohol is so much more than just a tension easer, drinking one…

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