Alcohol Abuse Around The World Essay

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Alcohol Abuse Around the World
Around the world alcohol, considered to be one of the most popular drugs that is consumed. The abuse of this drug, statistically, is constantly rising across the world. Over 2.5 million deaths occur each year alone just from alcohol abuse. I chose to do research on alcohol abuse compared to the total population in the following countries; The United States, Germany, and Spain. I will be discussing the percentage rates of alcohol abuse and some of the contributing factors that lead to this abuse, as well as the religious views of these countries.
The United States had the greatest population of abuse out of the three countries. With over 300 million people who had some sort of drug abuse with 14.9% having had an alcohol abuse compared to the other countries’ populations, meaning that almost 49 million people have alcohol abuse problems just in the United States, more than the other two countries’ population. (World Health Organization.) Contributing factors for alcohol abuse in the U.S. consists of depression, dramatic events, and for many soldier’s PTSD Disorder just to name a few. In the U.S. Christianity is the main religion typically.
Germany had the second largest population of people with a little over 70 million people who abused this drug with alcohol abuse being over 10% compared to its population. This is a large portion of their population with almost one million people that are alcoholics in this country. (World Health Organization.)…

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