Alcohol : A Current American Social Issue Essay

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A Current American Social Issue

By: Lauren Kaminski, Gianna Morelli, Gina Morrison, and Taylor Parrish
Mr. Samek’s Civics Class, Pd: 2

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When talking about the issues that divide our country, the list could stretch for miles. Alcohol, although not a very popular issue, still adds to this division with its controversial standpoints. For instance, in history there have been several different views on alcohol.
Throughout the history of America, various presidents have had their own views on the alcohol drinking age. In 1918, the 18th amendment was put in place and prohibited alcohol. Woodrow Wilson, the president at the time passed the amendment in hopes to lower crime rates and improve health in America. Franklin Roosevelt repealed the 18th amendment 15 years later in 1933. Roosevelt looked at the revenue and knew alcohol was too important to the economy to have it prohibited. Nearly 50 years later, Ronald Reagan presented states with the ultimatum that either the drinking age be 21 or no funding for highways. Now the citizens of America have a new argument concerning the drinking age. The current age at which we are allowed to consume alcohol legally is 21, and the argument has three main viewpoints. Citizens either believe that the drinking age should be raised, lowered, or stay the same. People create their opinions using facts and emotions, which is why this issue has such an impact on American lives.
One opinion people have is that the drinking…

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