Essay on Airport Security Checking At Dhaka International Airport

1107 Words Jun 28th, 2015 5 Pages
It was 5 am Monday morning, and my parents and I were exchanging our last goodbyes with our relatives as we were about to stand on the long line for the Airport security checking at Dhaka International Airport in Bangladesh. We were all depressed holding our individual cart full of luggage. I could fathom the growing tension among people because officers asked them to open their luggage and remove all of the prohibited items from inside. I remember my dad was very aware about the weight of each luggage and prohibited items that were listed in the brochure that came along with our tickets. Dad warned me multiple times not to carry any metal object that might turn the alarm sound on while passing through the scanner. However as a 10 years old, I started to tremble because I had brought my favorite toy gun, Baby Nambu in my backpack. Everything around me seemed to be happening in slow-motion and I didn’t know what to do. My body started to sweat incrementally even though my hands were cold like ice as other people made their way through the two scanners. The scanners were obviously not made for my size as I would look like a tiny ant going through it. I noticed the security guards didn’t look so enthusiastic about doing their work. Because the scanner beeped, I was numb for few seconds after seeing a man taking off his jeans to show that he isn’t hiding anything. Little that I knew he was going through what is called full body search. I was constantly searching…

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