Essay about Airline Company : Airline Group

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Problems The airline company KLM was founded in 1919, and operates through its headquarters located in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. In 2004, KLM made the biggest merger in airline history merging with Air France to form Air France – KLM. In turn together they became the largest airline group in the world, transporting the most passengers and also the runner up of cargo transportation in the world. By being the leading company in the airline industry it’s not hard to picture the amount of revenue it brings in each year. However, to have the title of largest airline group in the world, comes with its own expectations and issues for KLM. Dealing with the amount of passenger traffic that KLM sees come its way every day, they rely heavily on their IT systems performing the job it needs to do. Another problem that high amounts of passenger traffic brings is security threats. Within the company itself, with so many different departments, it is a challenge to make sure information travels from point to point in a timely manner and that no information is lost in the process. Lastly, KLM is faced with the task of constantly having to keep up to date with the latest technologies or risk falling behind their competition and losing valuable market share.
McFarlan’s Strategic Grid When looking at where KLM would fall on the strategic grid, you have to look at what they use to excel at facing the challenges they are faced with head on. This is done by all the IT…

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