: Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement the Future Status of English as the Global Language Is Assured

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Topic: Agree or disagree with the following statement
The Future status of English as the global language is assured Since the globalization spreads rapidly throughout the world, the need of a global language has become more crucial than ever before. Despite this unavoidable demand, some people are afraid that English may have negative effects on their own major language when English become dominant. A few countries try to limit the use of English such as Brazil, Poland and France etc. as the governments want to enforce language purity. However, English which is widely recognized and used has strong advantages to become a global language. According to the newspaper article, many shopping malls in Brazil utilize English words rather
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The article cites the advice of the legislator for the Portuguese people who use foreign words to consult the style book of O Estado de São Paulo, one of the nation’s biggest newspapers, which offers the following wordy wisdom: “(1) You have a language, Portuguese, that is just as good and as functional as any other. (2) It is your language. The second sentence is absolutely correct and reasonable as Portuguese is a major language of the Brazilian people. However, the first one is inaccurate because Portuguese is not as good and as functional as English, especially the case of programming a website. To program a website, we need use programming languages such as php or java either of which is written in English. Besides these opponents of English, there are some statistics that support English to be the global language. David Crystal, a British expert, estimates that 20-25 percent of Earth’s 6 billion people can use English. That number is increasing rapidly each year because of the birth of the computer, the American operation systems and the birth of the Internet and websites. Some opponents of English claim that the appearance of non-English sites makes it less dominant. In reality, most of non-English sites always have a back-up English site to serve the foreign viewers. In conclusion, Brazil, one of the world’s most populous countries, tries to

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