Essay on Aging As A Person Has Lived

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There is no denying that our body starts the process of aging as soon as we are born into this world. Through biological and social level, everyone experienced aging as it was defined to be calculated by the number of years a person has lived (Aldwin). The term aging should be use in a content that helps the society to understand and to adapt physically and mentally when talking about the number of years a person has been alive. The classification of later life (old) falls into three categories: young-old, old-old and oldest-old (Aldwin). A group of people who is between the ages of 65-79 is called young-old, those who are between 80-99 is called old-old, those who are age 100 or older is called oldest-old or centenarians (Alwin). These categories of the age classification allow clear understanding of the natural process that is happening as our body becomes older every year and what it means to become older.
It is vital for everyone to understand the importance of studying aging in the individuals and society level because there are different factors that contribute to how the outcomes for qualities of life and speed of aging. When looking at the individual level, factors to consider include the oxidative process at the cellular level, the nutritional daily balance, and health behaviors (Aldwin). Those who have a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and socially are more likely to slow the rate of aging compared to those who make poor and unhealthy lifestyle choices.…

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