Agency For Sanitary Surveillance Is Responsible For Overseeing The Production And Registration Of Drugs

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Agency for Sanitary Surveillance is a federal agency that is responsible for overseeing the production and registration of drugs, food additives, medical devices, and tobacco and tobacco products (USDA 2005). The Ministry of Health is very similar to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the United States. The FDA is a federal agency that aims at protecting the health of consumers whether it is people or animals. Brazil is also looking at the labeling of genetically modified foods from another perspective. Brazilian producers will enjoy a significant short-term competitive advantage over many nations, including the U.S.A. (Griffin and others 2005). Brazil’s overall goal is to have a system in place for trade purposes. They want to have a unified labeling system across all nations, especially the first world countries. Brazil’s rules on labeling food products help the country align itself with other countries to push for mandatory labeling on a larger scale (Griffin and others 2005). Mandatory labeling on a larger scale would help increase the efficiency of trade among trade partners. Efficiency of trade becomes much easier when every country has the same or similar policies in place. For Brazil to continue to trade with the European Union, China and other developing nations, it must adhere to the strict labeling guidelines of its trade partners (Griffin and others 2005). Labeling guidelines on a larger scale between trade partners is the next step Brazil is looking…

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