Agatha Christie Influence

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Agatha Christie is the most widely spread author in history with over two billion copies of her books sold and has been translated into forty-five different languages since 1920. Influenced by authors of her time and the newly founded mystery genre she is founder of the murder mystery (Bunsen). Agatha Christie was influenced by many different aspects of her life including family, work, and where she lived. In Christie’s early childhood she developed relationships with her imaginary friends. Having these imaginary friends gave Christie a great imagination. Christie never intended to be a writer but started to write poems and made it in the local newspaper when she was eleven. One day when she was sick her mother told her that she should write down the stories that she liked to tell …show more content…
Many of her works have been reproduced into television shows and movies. Her works that have been made into that have been made into television shows include Poirot, And Then There Were None, and Partners in Crime. Her works that have been made into movies include Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, Crooked House, Murder, She Said, The Alphabet Murders, and The Witness for Protection. even influenced the way mystery movies are being made. Like in her novels the culprit has to be an interesting character or else the audience will lose interest and will strive to have a huge plot twist at the end that no one will expect. This is one Christie’s rules that she has used over the course of her works since she knows that this will engage the reader and won’t stop reading because they absolutely have to know who the culprit is or else they can’t live with themselves. This shows how Christie has been influential she has been to the world today by her setting the basic rules to writing a mystery detective

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