Multi Facets Of Love In Agatha Christie's Life Through Linnet

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In the “Death on the Nile of Agatha Christie, Linnet, a young, beautiful, charming and rich lady is used by the “author to demonstrate the combined power of love and money. As the main character in this novel, Linnet’s role is very crucial. She shows her interest to take Jacqueline’s boyfriend using her intensive love and money. She thinks that she has power over everything and everybody because she is rich and beautiful. In addition, she thinks that she is too good for everyone. Therefore, this research paper will focus on the evidence of Multi Facets of Love in Agatha Christie’s life through Linnet’s role. To do so, we will analyze detective Poirot’s interview with Linnet; we will also look over Jacqueline’s reaction after she has lost her boyfriend, and we will analyze Simon’s love for both women. …show more content…
She is beautiful, rich and charming. In addition, she can have whatever she wants because she has money. Ironically, she is miserable because she cannot find the love of her heart. Her desire grand passions pushes her to steal her girlfriend‘s boyfriend. Furthermore, the immoral behind her action is crucial and needs to be analyzed in a deep way. Linnet is willing to do anything to have the love of Simon. However, she does not pay any attention to the consequences of her immoral actions. Linnet’s intention to take away Simon from Jacqueline can be seen by her response to detective Poirot. She

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