Antonia's Ability To Learn English Language

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At the beginning of the novel, Antonia is seen as a naïve girl who was the interpreter of her family. Even though, she only knew enough English words to help her family, she seemed very smart. As, the novel continues she takes English lessons with Jim Burden, and her ability to fast learn the English language makes her seem even smarter. However, her ability doesn’t stop to learn a different language from her native language, but can work the land and doesn’t fear the hard labor that her parent’s farm required. Moreover, when she went to town and worked for the Harling’s and supported herself and that gave her independence not only economically, but to make her decisions away from the authority of her family. She learned so much from all her …show more content…
And by her losing her father affected her greatly and needed to occupy that emptiness with what she thought can give her happiness. Her decision to marry Larry Donovan was in my opinion trying to fill that emptiness that her father left her. As a consequence, that desire to create a family blinds her to really see who her future husband was in reality. Her obsession with becoming an excellent housewife is too great that she would spend her time sewing every day or as Mrs. Steavens says “pedaling the life out of it” (212). She was getting prepared for her new life as a wife, and this over preparing to become a housewife didn’t let her see with whom. Because Larry Donovan was always away in a different town supposedly, working and this leads me to suspect that they didn 't have a normal relationship. There are a lot of sayings regarding these type of relationships that many of us know. However, I believe that Antonia’s motives were to create a family caring less with whom, and fulfill her heart’s desire. With that being said, she fell for a man who wrote great things to her, but she didn’t stop to think if they were all true. As a result, she went to Denver and realized who in reality Larry Donovan was. She found out that he had lied to her, and he stayed with her until her money ran out (214). Her shame came from what she thought about a man who she never really knew and yet, She …show more content…
Her intelligence and her strong self to work and desire to learn didn’t help her in her decisions. In addition, she believed in people and didn’t have the proper support or guidance from her family. Moreover, her desire to create a family and fulfil the emptiness her father left in her life and her obsession on becoming a real housewife is what blinded her to run off with Larry Donovan. These three motives affected her in her decisions that took her to her disgrace. Her disgrace finalized in two separate occasion. First, when she ran off to meet Larry Donovan because she could off said for him to come to the farm to get married, but she didn’t. Second, when she came back a lone and pregnant. She let herself get involved with Larry Donovan who was an expert with the ladies. His words and lies changed Antonia’s life. However, her, “... identity in the end finds fulfillment in life itself” (Prchal

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