Representation Of Love In Pablo Neruda's Love Sonnet Xvia

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Love is indefinite. Can you imagine all the different languages and words that are used to express love? The abundance of possibilities to explain this feeling is significantly diverse which demonstrates how compelling love is. Nevertheless, Pablo Neruda’s Love Sonnet XVII connotes the significance of his love. This affectionate piece symbolises Neruda’s attempts of expressing and defining the hidden love towards his third wife. It provokes the universality of this theme that is embodied through his emotions and context of the poem. It also portrays love to be obscure and a paradox between simplicity and complexity. Today, I will ascertain the representation of love through the poetic devices that privileges the author’s feelings, the context …show more content…
The following lines, “I don’t love you as if you were the Salt-Rose, Topaz”, employs simile to clearly convey Neruda’s opposing ideology towards common perceptions of love. Explicitly, Salt-rose is a type of flower and Topaz is a mineral. Implicitly, these items are universal, unique and symbolical towards an expression of feelings. However, Neruda views these symbols of love as simple and cliché. This therefore reinforces that his love is unique and beyond our imagination. Expanding on this idea, let’s focus on the following lines, “I Love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom and carries hidden within itself with the light of those flowers”. But, how is this possible? Here, Neruda applies imagery to highlight his love as an eternal feeling. Neruda’s love for a barren flower that is hidden and never dies, represents the latency that refers to the notion of their obscure love. His false love for a vibrant flower with bright colourful petals, indicates that his love isn’t based off physical qualities. To Neruda these characteristics are superficial. Furthermore, the diction of “those flowers” builds on the idea that he only loves his wife. The word “those” evidently suggests others are insignificant towards him. Consequently, readers are positioned to fantasize a deep and close relationship. It forces us to feel wanted and unique …show more content…
This poem portrays that love isn’t like classic stories of Romeo and Juliet or Titanic. It conveys Neruda’s emotions through articulating love’s significance towards him, whilst enlightening the simple and complex features of this theme. The incorporation of poetic devices evokes an image which depicts the complexity of love. Thus, readers are positioned to empathise and capture Neruda’s representation of love. His deep emotions and the context of the poem has successfully assisted in representing this. In my opinion, this poem exceeds in depicting this exact feeling of a diverse and indefinable emotion, which is

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