Against Love By Laura Kipnis Essay

1534 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
Divorce: the termination of a marital union, and cancelling the legal duties of a marriage. The assertion that caught my attention while reading the book, Against Love, by Laura Kipnis, was in chapter three, The Art of Love, on page 140 when she says, “To those who want to maintain that non-divorced families turn out less neurotic or happier adults, the evidence supporting such views is a little scanty: please look around”. I agree with Kipnis that non-divorced families aren’t always happy because the indication backing that up is lacking. I can relate to Kipnis’ opinions about divorce because I am one of those who have divorced parents. Growing up, I was always so happy and thought I had the greatest and most lovable family of them all. Love is complicated. It can last a life time, 50 years, or just months. I was once a part of a non-divorced family that wasn’t always satisfied, but I was never aware of it because my parents thought, what about the children? Kipnis believes that not all divorced families are unhappy and that rising divorce rates are not such bad news. Kipnis rants about the emotional state of a person between divorced and un-divorced families and the cliché question of: what about the children? Divorce is always a difficult and emotional time. People react in such different ways, and it can hit you at any given moment. Around six years ago on a bright and sunny morning, I would saunter down the stairs from my bedroom. Every Sunday morning is calming and…

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