African American Women 's Rights Essay

1519 Words Nov 14th, 2016 7 Pages
Looking at the lives of African American women and being one, they didn’t receive the same rights or privileges that came with the success of past movements for women’s rights. Despite walking and fighting along with white women, they were left behind. Even in our society today, they struggle for acceptance and to be noticed along with having a voice for the problems they constantly face daily. Since the end of slavery, African American women not only face prejudice and mistreatment from other races, but also within our own race, making it harder to for them to raise above the level of abuse and misguided fear that so many face and is taught to them as children. Looking at the things that would be a struggle for African American women in our society, yes being part of the beauty standard would be nice, but that to us isn’t the most important and the one we truly want for our children or for them to fight for when we’re no longer there and when they have children. As our society changed, we begin to see that more and more that because of the patriarchy that the American society was created upon, white women and women of color along with their black male counterparts, we all considered property (Frisky). The only difference that begin to occur is that the level of importance of white women and black men changed. Both white women and black males, were allowed to vote before black women (black males before white women). Following the patriarchal norms of our society, any…

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