Is Abortion Right Or Wrong Essay

Abortion has been a debatable topic for quite some years now; even though no one could ever seem to come to a consensus on whether it is wrong or right, good or bad; abortion was made legal on January 22, 1973. Abortion takes away the right to life from the unborn, innocent baby, and having a baby is a true blessing from God, and it is a violent act that should never be legal under any circumstances; no woman should have the lawful right to abort a baby for her own selfish reasons .
Violent acts done deliberately should not be mistakenly represented as “rights”; they are an act of violence and should have consequences just like any other. Two of the male founders of the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws were among the first to
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Wade, the decision of aborting the baby has always been left up to the mother, “Within a survey in 1987 by AGI, most women have three to four reasons for seeking abortion. The following reasons were given most often: a baby would disrupt work, schooling, or other responsibilities,or they just simply could not afford a baby right now” (Caruana 35). First off, if a woman was not ready to give up some of her ways and raise a baby, there should have never been an event to occur that could cause pregnancy. Those who know what can happen during intercourse should understand, be responsible for their actions, and grow up to be able to raise the innocent baby. No baby should ever have to suffer from the decisions his/her mother and father made. The Supreme Court has obviously struggled with the question of personhood, (Caruana 37). “Although they could not decide when life began, the justices believed that a fetus should have some protection as a “potential life. Potential life, they reasoned, begins at viability- when the fetus could survive outside the mother’s womb. Viability, they said, would be decided by a qualified physician. Then the state could restrict abortion to protect a potential life” (Caruana page 37). Unborn babies are alive at the moment of conception, which makes them a human being who should be entitled to the right of life without anyone taking that away from them. The article, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion”, says …show more content…
Defectable births? Babies are so innocent, and they are born with birth defects that affect them for the rest of their lives. How is it fair for them to have to live with something like that for the rest of their lives but not be aborted? God simply has a reason for everything He does; having a baby with a defect is not giving a free pass to abort the baby, but simply love what God has given you. Mothers and parents should cherish the time they have with the special gift sent from God, and some might ask: if a baby is going to be brain dead or not be able to walk or talk, death is better than them suffering each and every day and being made fun of, is it not? Absolutely not; any women who know ahead of time if something is going to be wrong with their baby, should not have the final say so over whether they can abort their baby or not, and no one should say that decision would be okay. Doctors and physicians should offer advice about clinics and therapies that could help once the baby arrived.
Nothing is more selfish than a woman who will not give up for her own baby; those who believe in abortion obviously have no morals and concepts on how important a potential life can and will be. Babies are beautiful, and all deserve a chance at life. Abortion should never be an option; it is such a cruel and violent act for an unborn baby to endure; they are a blessing from God.

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