African American Women During The Civil War Essay

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Throughout the Civil War both African American men as well as women contributed towards the Union’s victory against the confederacy through the roles of fighting, spying, and nursing. Although the participation of African Americans within the war was controversial at first, the help acquired from fighting wars, spying, and even nursing was handy for the North and pushed the nation a step closer towards victory and success.
The involvement of African American’s participation within the war was at first controversial in the North. The idea of having blacks bear arms seemed foolish and even dangerous, while others, being the abolitionist, thought it was a step closer towards equality. The idea of African Americans’ participation was a huge debate, but the congress was convinced by the abolitionist’s argument on why colored men should be allowed to help out in the civil war. In 1862 the second confiscation militia act was passed which allowed black men to fight in the civil war and bear arms. The second Confiscation Militia Act also, “for any military or naval for which they may be found competent.” Due to this act, African Americans were ready to enlist and be part of the Union army. African Americans participated in many regiments, and even took part of the first United States of America’s colored troop, known as the 54th regiment of Massachusetts.

The 54th regiment of Massachusetts fought their most famous battle against the South known as the Battle of Fort Wagner.…

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