Roles Of Women In The Civil War Essay

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Legends are legends, in the past and in the present. They are marked in history to be recognized and marveled at for centuries. The same recognition also serves the females that participated in helping the Civil War from 1861 to 1899 (Senker). “As is almost always the case in wartime, these women proved they were capable of doing these things, breaking down the cultural stereotypes regarding the appropriate role for women and what women’s work truly was” (“Transcript: Women of the North and the South”). The raging war created new kinds of opportunities for woman to take actions they were once not allowed to take. When the Civil War started, many men left their families to go fight for their side. As the men left, their jobs and their roles in society were also left behind. The jobs they left behind were ones they thought only fitting of men to do. However, women played these roles successfully and showed that they are just as capable as men (“Transcript: Women of the North and the South”). They took action to help America create peace sooner and as a result the jobs that they took were varied. By helping at home and the war front, women had a huge impact on the outcome of the Civil War. To begin with, not all women played very active roles in the Civil War. Many had to stay home to take care of their family and be in charge but they were still able to find many ways to contribute. For instance, “When the …show more content…
The outcome of the Civil War was not only efforts of the men but of the supporting females. They were able to help America not just in the Civil War but throughout history. Their important role in the Civil War was just one of the many events they accomplished great things in. Women will continue to make a difference in society because they have proved again and again in history that they are capable in helping America to become a country for the

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