Racism: The Civil War And The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement have a direct correlation with African Americans gaining their deserved freedom. If not for the Civil War slavery could still be normal in American society. It took over half a million American lives for African Americans to gain an ounce of freedom. Even after all the bloodshed African Americans still had little to no freedom. Likewise, without the Civil Rights Movement African Americans would never have the social status and rights that they do in today 's society. The blood that was shed during the Civil Rights movements were not in vain because it all paid off to give African Americans the rights they deserved. With all this rich history, it shows the perseverance and dedication of African Americans in the pursuit of the American dream.
People started to realize that their appearance and mannerisms are different from each other. The author of the book Racism: A very short Introduction, Ali Rattansi noted, “The idea that human biological characteristics such as skin color, shape of nose, type of hair, and size of skull were associated with ingrained cultural
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There were over 11 million Africans that moved to America, almost 2 million had died during the transport. Soon after whites started to offer the Africans to work at their plantations for a trade of free room and board. In 1790, dancing was soon outlawed for the blacks because, they were no working their hardest minute. This shows just one of the examples that the African Americans started to have no rights and the whites has more power over them. Soon the whites began to take advantage of the Africans and make them work long and strenuous hours with little to no money. This terrible moment that the Americans had been doing began to spread throughout the country and started to become a repetitive

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