Africa 's Education Crisis : The Goal Of Universal Education Essay

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While Poverty and marginalization have severely thrown the goal of Universal education and other educational objectives off course; Africa’s education crisis is a reflection of the regions stark economic and political challenges which inadvertently perpetuated the fault lines that threaten the regions social progress. Consequentially millions of children and youth of their futures.

In Sub-Saharan Africa the educationally marginalized hail from rural or remote villages, conflict affected areas, or come from ethnic and linguistic minorities, and make up half of the children that fail to complete a full cycle of primary school. For example in Uganda 90 out of 100 children of the poorest households who entered school in 2006 only 49 out of 90 were able to reach the last grade; compared to the 97 out 100 children from the richest household who entered school 80 will reach the last grade of primary school. (mdg africa) Globally wealth and income based disadvantages deprive millions of children and youth of educational opportunities. Since wealthier families are able to spend more on education than poor families, the poorest children often lack access to underperform lacking even the most basic skills, and in some of the most extreme will never enter a classroom. cases Example here ------- Sub-Saharan Africa’s rural areas bear witness to this stark reality. In Malawi, where 85% of the population live in rural areas around half of children who start primary school drop…

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