Poverty In West Africa

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West Africa is a poor, helpless region who is living in poverty. West Africa has poor education for those who can afford schooling. Slavery still continues today, as hundreds of people used as hard labor. The topography is beautiful, covering 85% of West Africa with deserts, semi-deserts, steppe, grasslands, forests, and rain forests. The government is a federal republic, and the states in the region is far away from each other and the religion revolves around the everyday lifestyle. Culture is very traditional in West Africa.
Receiving a good education in West Africa varies on your gender and social class you were born into. Poor women between the ages of 15 and 30, hasless of an education than poor men. Today, many men and women cannot read
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North to south, west Africa filled with deserts, Savanna grasslands, semi desert, steppe, forests and rain forests. West Africa is dryer and hotter than south Africa. November to February, Sahara winds blow through west Africa. West Africa sits west of the Atlantic Ocean. North of west Africa, Sahel does not get much rain. Wet and dry seasons occur in West Africa west Africa contains four separate climate zones, The semi arid zone, the arid zone, and the sub-humid zone. With dry and rainy seasons, west Africa has many different climate changes. Up to 750 mm of rain per year, the arid zone struggles with floods. Depending on the weather, the errands zone also suffers with droughts in the dry season. Struggling with major flooding issues, the semi arid zone is carrying 750 mm to 1250 mm of rain a year. At its peak of rainy season, the subhuman zone has 1250 mm to 1500 mm of rain. Including two parts, the humid zone has lots of rainfall. Part one obtains 1500 mm to 1800 mm of rain per year. Part two possesses 1500 mm to 2000 mm of rain per …show more content…
West Africa believed in a supreme ruled over everyone and everything. Religion was everything. West Africa believed in a supreme ruled over everyone and everything. Most of west Africa are Christians and Muslims. Christianity and Islam have many of the same qualities. Islam teaches the practice of the worship of one God. Muslims believe in Allah. Sacrifices offered to please Allah, were not optional. Their goal is to become an ancestor and live as one with Allah. Muslims worship their ancestors, believing that they would get good fortune for doing so. The Muslims believes that their ancestors had a magical power and that the ancestors lived with them always. After the death of a family member, the African family would remove the deceased body through a hole in the wall of the house, not through their front

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