Afghanist What I Know? Essay

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Afghanistan Paper WHAT I KNOW?
Americans have been fighting in Afghanistan for a while. I Believe that the reason we went over there was because of 9/11. I may be absolutely wrong on that though. From what I have heard previously on the news, thousands of Afghanistan citizens were killed in this war. My research is all about the Combat Outpost. I know absolutely nothing about it. I have no idea what it is, or who it is, when it happened or how it occurred.
WHAT I WANT TO KNOW? Since I know absolutely nothing about Combat Outpost in Afghanistan, I would like to know what it is. If it was a battle or an event, then I want to know how it benefitted the U.S. during the war. If it is a place, then I want to learn what took place there and why it is so significant. I have a lot to learn about this because I know absolutely nothing about the Combat Outpost. I also want to know what was the style of fighting during this war. Was it all ugly? Or was there a lot of compromise? The reason why I choose this topic was to educate myself more on what is currently going on in Afghanistan. In Weatherington’s class, we learned that Vietnam was the only war that was uncensored and was broadcasted on live television. Afghanistan is very sensored and maybe that is why not many Americans are educated on this specific war. I want to try and learn more about it and teach others about this war through my writing. RESEARCH 1 Whiles researching my topic, I found a very specific article. This…

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