Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Essay

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Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an American health care reform popularly known as Obama care 9. Affordable Care Act was designed by U.S President Barrack Obama to help in improving the country’s healthcare system. Obama care implements measures that seek to lower costs of health care and improve the efficiency of U.S health care system. Affordable Care Act also aims to eliminate some negative practices in health care industry that include denying American citizens coverage on grounds of pre-existing conditions. Affordable Care Act remains a controversial law that elicits both praise and criticism because it provides many benefits to millions of American requiring health care but it also has adverse effects on others. Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides better health security to American citizens through comprehensive health reforms of health insurance. Affordable Care Act encompasses two separate legislations that include Health Care and Education Care Reconciliation Act and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act4. It also covers amendments to laws such as Health and Public Services Act and Food Drug and Cosmetics Act. After it was signed into law, more regulations and rules have been expanded upon ACA. Together, the laws expand coverage of Medicaid to millions of Americans who earn low incomes and they make various improvements to Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid. The supporters of Affordable Care Act argue that it has led…

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