Affirmative Action Should Not Be Legal Essay

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Americans overreact in these situations, refusing to acknowledge the violent history that has followed the community for past, present, and future times. A white person will never be able to fully understand what it is like to experience the effects of racial profiling. That is partially why they don’t understand how come black people always bring up the struggles that they face in America.
Affirmative action bans helped schools meet their diversity quota, and minorities got an equal opportunity for them to get the schooling that they needed, and deserved. When affirmative action bans were set in place more minorities got accepted into the colleges of their choice. There more minorities earned degrees, and were able to start their careers off on a platform that may have not been available to them in previous times. After affirmative action was banned the number of minorities being accepted into their top college choices began to slim down. Racial Diversity in the Medical Profession it is said that there were declines in the enrollment of colored students after Texas, California, Washington, and Florida (Garces, Mickey-Pabello). W.E.B. Dubois made a brilliant comment within a story he wrote. in The Coming of John, he talked about how the people in this place were not going to spend money on black people who have educated themselves. In the article Many factors played into why. One main reason would be that the test scores are lower than the more privileged students. Name is…

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