Essay about Affects of Music

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Attention show stoppers, ballers and freak-a-leeks: As you shake your moneymaker to the latest Ludacris jam, more than just a catchy tune may be seeping in your head, you may want to know that music is often accused for influencing certain behaviors, but is this really so? Music being very prevalent in our culture today it can be perceive that each adolescent has a song that relates to their everyday life… or in other words “the soundtrack of their life.” but some will say that they are innocently listening to one of their favourite song or artist. But is their something more? Can the content of a song influence actions or behaviors? Does music influence latent harmful behaviours? Steve Martino said “"When young people are trying to figure …show more content…
But wouldn’t Marilyn Manson millions of other listeners be condoning in destructive behaviour? rather than just two individuals? Considering that he is a multi platinum artist. Think about it.

Why would the media have mentioned the type of music that the killers listen to whether or not it was not contributing it to the shooting?
The answer is simple: moral panic. The moral panic term, originally put together by sociologist Stanley Cohen, simply means a reaction to something based on a perception, which, in many cases, is highly exaggerated .
As put by Manson, he believes that he represents what people are afraid of. Moral panics tend to thrive off of this. Often based from stereotypes, panics are spread thus pinpointing a specific group, often unrighteous in doing so. Since panics and fears often tend to be derived from what we are afraid of (and that is often what we’re uncomfortable with), blaming a subgroup often seems like the easiest, but not necessarily the correct, thing to do.

King, a child psychologist, "stops short of suggesting a cause and effect relationship between listening to this music and destructive behavior, he suggests that it is at least a contributing factor." The answer to whether or not music can affect a person's behavior is not a simple matter of a yes or no answer. While, yes, it is true that the criminals in the cases of Columbine and Dawson College were

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