Essay Aed/222 Week 3 Checkpoint

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Tommy Martin is finding it hard to interact with other children and his educators at school. He is in grade 4 now and has had this problem since kindergarten. He lacks interest in the classroom and he is difficult to work with. Often times he is sent to the principal’s office because of inappropriate behavior. He does not keep friend for lengthy periods of time. He is physically aggressive and very emotional, even about seemingly innocuous things. He does not like sympathy during these emotional times. Frequently he behaves like he is depressed. During these depression episodes he tends to stay by himself. He has a difficulty understanding and subsequently remembering material taught in class. NOTES: He lacks interest in the classroom and …show more content…
His homework assignments contain numerous small errors. In addition he simply can’t follow any of the assignment rubrics. When the teacher asks questions in class, rather than waiting for the question to be finished, Jacob yells out the answer. He is always in motion and can’t stay in one place for very long. Jacob is also quite garrulous. Overlaying all of this is the fact that his behavior makes it difficult to develop close relationships with the other students.

Notes: This is Jacob’s third year in first grade. He is unable to understand class material, and his attention wanders. His organizational skills are nonexistent. He is always in motion and is an impediment to normal classroom activities. Jacob is falling far short of normal academic metrics

ADHD is correct! Jacob is reckless and lacks focus on classroom activities. His attention easily wanders from the lessons at hand. He is always in motion and can’t sit still. Effective Practices that might work for Jacob • Help Jacob unlearn reckless behavior • Create rubrics that are easy to understand • Create logical behavioral strategies to improve Jacob’s behavior. These should include strict punishments and satisfying rewards for bad and good behavior respectively • If instructions are kept to, give Jacob strong encouragement • Put Jacob on a reward system, based on his achievement

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