Advertising Journal For Pandora, Hulu And Web Articles Essay

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Advertising Journal for Pandora, Hulu and Web Articles We are bombarded by advertisements every day. We see them as we search on the internet, playing games on our phones or simply tuning into our favorite TV programs. Do we ever stop to think about who these advertisements are for? This paper will attempt to give insight on specific advertisements that were monitored over the course of a specific time period of three different electronic mediums.
The first medium to be observed was a streaming television show on HULU. The specific show that was viewed to monitor the advertisements was O.J.: Made in America Part 1. During the course of the show I tracked all the commercials that was aired during a period of 60 minutes. During that time frame 11 advertisements were shown. From the data collected the target markets seems to be married adults with children 30 years of age and older. I make this assumption from the content of the program that was being aired and the content in the commercials. The “O.J. trial” occurred between 1994 and 1995. The individuals who would remember and take interest in it would be 30 years of age or older in 2016. The content and frequency of the advertisement also played a role in my assumption. The second medium that I observed was a streaming radio channel on Pandora. The specific channel was 90’s classic hip hop station. There were 3 commercial blocks consisting of 5 commercials being played in a 1-hour period. I began listening to the show…

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