Essay on Advertising Is Not A Form Of Mass Medium

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Advertising is not a form of mass medium, but it pays for mass medium. It is a paid form of presentation of ideas, goods, or services by a sponsor. Advertising is used to promote books, recordings, movies, and other media entities. It is seen in television, newspapers, magazines, and even on billboards. Advertising revenue for all media totaled $354 billion in 2009. Advertising started in 1200 B.C., the Phoenicians painted message on stones. In the 6th century B.C., ships came into port with goos sent messengers ashore to announce their arrival. In 1478, William Caxton prints an advertisement of his latest book, so advertising has been used throughout history. The first American newspaper advertisement appeared in the Boston News-Letter in 1704. Newspapers rely on advertisement to compensate for the cost of producing the paper. In 1800s, newspapers allowed any advertisements in their print. Ads could include medicines and cigarettes. Consumers would complain about the advertisements being tasteless and misleading, so newspapers created a open advertising policy, which allowed newspapers would accept advertising from anyone, but the newspapers could criticize the ads. In the 1887, The Ladies’ Home Journal promoted advertising in a time when magazines were skeptical of advertisements. Edward Bok of The Ladies’ Home Journal and the American Medical Association worked to seek government restraints on advertisements. In 1914, Congress created the Federal Trade Commission.…

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