Advertising Essay

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The Urban Cowboy Ever flip through a men's magazine such as Gentlemen's Quarterly or Maxim and wonder if their advertisements are the same as a women's fashion magazine? Do their ads focus on health, fashion and beauty as much as a women's magazine? The ads today relate to every type of man whether you are a family man, a playboy, gentlemen, an average Joe, a playful youth, a metro sexual or a man's man such as the cowboy. Many men have never been exposed to more than the basic clothing and grooming products. The trick is to let them know the new genre of products is beneficial to their image. This can be done through targeted informational ads in magazines, television ads during sports events, newsletters, magazine editorials, and …show more content…
It uses both the male and feminine role in the ad to attract the male audience. Imagery is a very important tool used by advertisers today, especially when selling skin care products for men. In another ad in Men's Health magazine, imagery is used to sell Clinique skin supplies for men. The ad is a full black background page that had three grey bottles of shaving products for men. One a post-shave healer, another shave aloe gels, and last a face scrub, all bottles immersed in droplets of water. The ad reads at the bottom: "Simplicity X Technology + Comfort = Luxury Shave. A better routine for even for even the most sensitive skins". The imagery that Clinique is portraying is a luxurious shave when you use their products. The contrast of the colors in the advertisement is important too, by using a black background, and contrasting it with the color gray for their bottles, this ad is creating an elitist sort of feel for this product. In truth the ad is simply selling shaving products, but by protraying it that way they make it easier for men to purchase this product. Language is also an important tool that advertisers use to sell to their audience. By using masculine words in their advertisements for grooming products, they ease the male customer into buying this certain product. Ad advertisement in Men's Health magazine for Avon Face Moisturizer uses language to impress the male consumer. The ad states in bold

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