Advertising Drugs And Its Effects Essay

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Advertising drugs isn 't entirely a positive thing . Not everyone needs drugs or wants them . Not to mention the advertisement may not hit the target audience it needs to hit . If an ad is shown several times in a brief amount of time , the repeated advertisement will annoy people or pressure them to buy it . Some drugs can hurt people more than help them but the patient doesn 't find that out until later . In addition , while drug advertisements encourage people to seek medical advice from professionals , there needs be more information given out when the advertisements airs because the advertisements may weaken the patient 's relationship with their doctor , not enough information is told about the drug when the advertisement airs and some people are easily influenced by these drug ads .

The $300 billion a year U.S.pharmaceutical industry burnt through $3.1 billion on publicizing professionally prescribed medications straightforwardly to shoppers in 2012 ("Prescribing Drug Ads " 1 ) . Since 1962 , these promotions have been controlled by the Food and Drug Association (FDA ) to guarantee that they are not false or deluding . The U#S# Food and Drug Association did not start to direct professionally prescribed medications until Oct . 10 , 1962 , with the entry of the Kefauver-Harris Changes .The United States and New Zealand are the main two nations where direct-to-consumer (DTC ) promotion of physician recommended medications is lawful . Each $1.00 spent promoting…

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