Advertising Campaigns Can Prove An Invaluable Weapon Essay

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In the contemporary political battleground, advertising campaigns can prove an invaluable weapon; they allow candidates to present their views and opinions in front of a large audience, and also confers upon them the opportunity to denounce opponents without the worry of an immediate rebuttal. To heighten their effectiveness, many politicians chose to incorporate children into advertisements, with the intent of manipulating their inherently innocent nature to invoke powerful emotions from the audience, including fear, anxiety, and guilt. Candidates often frame children as the lens through which Americans should view the main issues of the nation; they emphasize the responsibility of the leaders to create a safe country with suitable policies in which to nurture the next generation, and will often imply that the opposing candidate is not fit to take up such a task. Ultimately, politicians and their affiliates utilize children as a mechanism for inducing pathos within the public, and use this emotional reaction from the viewers to generate support, or, in some cases, to distract them from the real issues at hand. In the thick of the 1996 election, Bill Clinton released an advertisement entitled “Surgeon”, the ideas of which further supplemented his principle presidential facet of progress, all the while slandering his opponent, Bob Dole. With “building a bridge to the 21st Century” as his slogan, Clinton’s campaign focused on creating a better country through the…

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