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Task 1a. Explain the structure, roll and relationship between parties in the communication industry.

Communication industry is a collection of firms that attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the products and services of various organisations. It is the voice of the company brands to make relationships with customers by having a feedback from them.

In a communication process feedback is as much as important as the message.

In this process of communication there are different types of organisations and people that accomplish various tasks to complete this cycle. We can simply them by drawing a structure as follows.

The client is the organisation who needs to sell the products to target audience through an
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And also people are having a habit of getting information through the campaigns.

Task 1c. Use models to assess the impact of advertising and promotion on customer behaviour.
Advertising and promotion is the major key to introduce and remind the products to the customers in a persuading way. The first model is a simple model that shows the exchange between marketing company and the customer.

This simple model of exchange gives the main idea in a market place that information and money flows throughout the procedures. Marketing company promotes the products and services and when the customer gets that information he buys the products which lead the company to get revenue. Simultaneously marketing company get the feedback from the customers which is more valuable for future plans. But this model is not having a higher persuading power among the mass market although it gives the information about the products and services. If they used attractive advertising campaigns it would be more profitable and it can change the buyer behaviour.

The other effective models are response hierarchy models that describe the three mental stages of a human that need to be passed to buy a product. These stages are,

• Cognitive

• Effective

• Behaviour

The first model is called AIDA. It describes the desire that build in the customers to purchase the products and services.

In this model advertising and promotion is used to make an

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