Advertising Analysis : Vintage Camel Cigarette Advertisements

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Vintage Camel cigarette advertisements appealed to middle class women and men by luring them in with the idea that smoking was healthy, and resulted in an elevated social status. While implying tobacco soaked in poisonous chemicals was healthy and attractive was irresponsible, to say the least, the big tobacco companies got away with it for several years. So how did Camel convince consumers to overlook the hidden dangers of smoking? Creating a campaign based on appeal, logic, and surveys, compelled consumers to accept misleading information, and contributed to their advertising success. Vintage Camel cigarette advertisements used a variety of rhetorical strategies to successfully build what remains a multi-billion dollar industry today.

The single Camel advertisement I find most interesting is a colorful, full page magazine advertisement. The top half of the advertisement features an attractive middle-aged race car driver with a checkered flag, and midget race cars in the background. The bottom half of the advertisement includes an attractive well-dressed woman smoking a cigarette surrounded by bold lettered survey statements. Based on the clothing and the types of race cars featured, it would appear this advertisement is from sometime in the 1940’s. The photographs and statements imply the target audience is likely working middle class men and women in the 30-50 age range. The strategy of the advertisement is to use all three strategies, logos, ethos and pathos, to…

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