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Advertising agency
Advertising agency are experts, which is why they have a group of people which specialise in different areas. Such as organizers, art executives and copyrighters. This allows businesses to provide a variety of services. Advertising agencies can help to provide the business with leaflets, posters, TV commercials and more.
Nike – ‘Just Do It’ Campaign was first introduced in 1988. The campaign was very successful as it reached one of the top two tag lines of the 20th century; this was a good turn for Nike as it gained more brand awareness and sales because of this. Throughout the years of the campaign Nike enlisted many sports stars such as Wayne Rooney, LeBron James and Roger Federer. This helped the public become more aware of the brand and products they had to offer. As a whole the campaign helped shape the Nike brand and create sales.
Reebok – ‘reethym of lite’ Campaign was launched in 2011. The campaign was set up with a launch party which brought together many celebrities including, P Diddy, Alicia Keys and Busta Rhymes. This was great publicity for Reebok as it helped make customers aware of their new lite footwear range. This campaign was a hit with the public as it was represented by major stars, resulting in an increase in sales and brand awareness.

Promotional Mix
The entire purpose of promoting products is to create awareness, persuade and inform customers about your product or service while identifying key features compared with…

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