Essay on Advertising: Agency & Client Relationships

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Excerpts from Chapter 12 of How to get the best advertising from your agency by Nancy Salz.

Agency & Client Commitments
A personal contract for collaborators

The six agency commitments: What you should expect from your agency.

1. Commitment to the success of your business. The best agency people are 100 percent committed to the same goal you are: success in the marketplace. Their commitment is evidenced by their time, enthusiasm, work, and knowledge that if you succeed, they succeed.

[The best agency account person] made suggestions. Not only would she have things to me when they were due and not only would she think to get things done that I didn't ask…she'd also come up with suggestions. If I asked her to do something,
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They ask for opinions on important business decisions. A general manager, food

The best clients… make people who are responsible for creative development feel responsible and part of the process. Richard Rosenbloom, Vice-President, Advertising, Card Division, American Express

4. Open-mindedness and willingness to take a risk. If you want great advertising from your agency, be prepared for new ways of thinking that may make you feel uncomfortable at first. If you want only the obvious, you will get the obvious. If you insist that the agency only do things your way, you will be a "bad client" and will be setting the stage for less effective advertising.

A good client is one who trusts the agency----who's open to ideas. J. Leonard Hultgren, founding partner, Scali McCabe Sloves

It's my money and you'll do it my way"…that's not a client; that's a bully. Bernard Rosner, Vice-President, Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Partners

The best client I ever worked with told me: "Don't show me anything but your choice. I never want to see any alternatives. I don't want to do your job for you." Herman Davis, Executive Vice-President and Creative Director, Cadwell Davis Partners

The worst… took the client-agency relationship to task to the point of establishing an adversarial and very hard-line posture… even saying "What I want it done when I want it, how I want it, and I want it

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