Essay about Advertising : Advertising And Its Effect On The Market

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Every day people are exposed to an infinite amount of advertisements through all sorts of outlets. There are billions of products and services on the market and it is interesting to find out what kind of ads companies should use to effectively communicate to their customers. Today’s advertisements inform and guide many of the important decisions people make. Even though there are lots of varieties of advertisements, humorous ads are more effective. They have been used for generations to attract people from all walks of life. Humour is universal; therefore, companies should use humorous advertising as it has a positive result that goes beyond the short term. Humorous advertising attracts more customers, builds companies’ brands, has a lasting effect, and improves the mood of the targeted customers.

First, the mission of any advertisement is to capture its audience. Companies need to choose an advertising method that best suits its targeted audience. When advertising, every second count, so companies must use a method that attracts customers more effectively, because, if the ad does not stand out in a few seconds, targeted customers will move on. Accordingly, it has been proved that humour in advertising attracts more people than any other kind of advertising (Duncan, Frontczak, and Nelson 434). Humour is a great way to break through the barrier that consumers instinctively put up when they see an advertisement. The funny part of the advertisement attracts people to want to…

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