Advertising : A Form Of Persuasion Essay

707 Words Sep 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Advertisements exist as a form of persuasion in order to sell goods and/or provide certain services. They are made to target and gain attention from specific audiences through the use of many different rhetorical appeals. In this particular advertisement from Starbucks, found at the Illini Union on September 9, 2014, we see the illustrations for three seasonal beverages. The product is being advertised based on the large white text on the center of the ad, “Find your fall flavor. Spicy, savory or sweet.” The quote in this advertisement uses pathos to persuade individuals who carry this belief of fall being their favorite season. Altogether, these little aspects of persuasion interlink and make the ad capable of bringing in many more customers and allowing Starbucks the gain revenue in the process.
First off, we see the blue background, and the large white quote. Going into the quote, “Find your fall flavor. Spicy, savory or sweet” it pulls you in depending on your emotions towards the fall season. If you enjoy the sight of golden brown leaves falling on the ground and the gusts of wind blowing in every direction than you would probably be inclined to purchase one of the drinks depicted in the advertisement. It also appeals to an individual’s viewpoint of the changing seasons, in other words, to personal preference. Starbucks addresses this emotion by giving the reader the opportunity to choose which drink they would prefer. This advertisement doesn’t necessarily target any…

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