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Do readers know the intent of the advertisements that they are viewing? How can readers train themselves to read between the lines, and study a product before the advertisement spread, that may be false, completely wins them over? Advertisements only have their own companies success in mind and are not truly there to help the consumer or customers find the best product. Companies will do anything to win against their competitors, with help from the outside world. Do all magazines companies have the same rules and guidelines for which ads they allow to be featured in their spreads?
The first ad reads "Discover Proactive Hair” on the cover spread of Ebony magazine. The ad starts off right away with their facts showing that they have nothing
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Everyone wants hair that is shiny, soft and touchable. No one can name one woman who is happy with limp, lifeless, dry, dull hair. This is what the ad appeals to. Proactive Hair Products plays to every woman 's need and desire for beautiful hair. Proactiv Hair claims guaranteed beautiful hair. The pictures of the three women who now have more manageable and beautiful hair further back up this guarantee. The overall look of the women and their hair says that they are pleased. This implies that their satisfied so you also will be satisfied. Not to mention the big words "Guaranteed”(Ebony secret writer …show more content…
As stated earlier, the ad appeals to the audience and their feelings about beauty. A large part of beauty is the way a person 's hair is styled. The use of logos and pathos are well done in both advertisements. The balance of the two is extremely convincing. They are subtle, however they are used in a very successful way. The targeted audience is mainly black women for the Proactive hair ad. The audience for the Neutrogena is all women, not just one specific race. Having a wide range of products for all racial women, gives Neutrogena and edge over Proactive Hair products because it appeals to a larger number of

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