Advertisement Is A Language Of A Product / Service Essay

911 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
A picture without a single word might convey a thousand words. Advertisement with pictures have been a longstanding art in the history of marketing. It is one of the cheapest and one of the most effective ways of marketing. So here comes our first question what exactly is an advertisement? Advertisement is a language of a product/service which helps them to reach their patrons. But what is visible as an advertisement is just a tip of an iceberg, rest of the part people don’t know is how much thought actually goes into making an Advertisement. For example, we may only have a simply picture with a logo, but that simple picture can deliver a great advertisement for the product being sold. When I say great advertisement It means that the picture or design shows the observer something that is not just seen by the naked eye; we may have to examine the advertisement for a while until we can answer, what does this ad mean? The picture above consists of a bright background with light all around. As our eyes first goes to center of the advertisement, we see a bright red color logo attracting our eyes towards it. Coca-Cola has smarty used their logo as a main focus, as the logo is in red color and according to human phycology red color excites eye the most. The placement of the logo in the center, makes it the viewer’s center of focus. Not only that, the Coca-Cola has also used Molly Bang’s principles. Which says let the object to be advertised be larger than the background…

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