Consequences Of Texting And Driving Kills

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Texting and Driving Kills There are many people who die to send a text response while driving, literally and figuratively. This ad demonstrates that texting and driving can kill a person, whether it is yourself or someone else. The advertisement has a dead woman in it to give people a sense of feeling guilty. People would feel guilty because either they just feel bad for this woman that died from a text message or they text and drive themselves and do not like the coincidences. When you see this dead body you feel the need to not do what caused this woman to die; in this case, it is texting and driving. There are two assumptions that come to mind when you are looking at this advertisement; “is she the one that responded to a text while driving …show more content…
The first thing you see is the dead body. This body is laying on this metal bed which brings you to wonder what happened to her. She has no clothes on and her body looks cold and dead. The body itself is depressing. The next thing you see are the bold words on the other half of the picture and they have a serious meaning to it. The bold words are in text message text and it ties into what the advertisement is actually trying to portray. The text not only looks like a text message that was send, it also has abbreviated words possibly to give the appearance that it is a text message while also proving a point. The text has a double entendre because its says “dying to send a reply” and dying has two meanings. The first meaning of dying is saying they really want to reply to a message. The second meaning of dying is literally because if you respond to a text message while driving and there is a collision you could potentially die. You also see the text that says “don’t text and drive” and you could probably assume that is what this advertisement is about, but you could also think something different happened if the only text on the advertisement was “dying to send a reply.”Another big part of this advertisement to add to the feel that it is a text message is the emoticon over the dead woman’s face. The emoticon is the emoticon for a dead face. The dead body and the bold text are a big part of this

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