Adversity Essay

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Adversity Essay

Carla G. Guzman
Penn State University
OLEAD 409 Leadership Development
Adversity Essay

Successful business leaders — or people in general — don’t give up when adversity strikes. They find the ways and means to carry on. Sometimes, it takes a trip to hell and back to really open your eyes. And sometimes, really opening your eyes can change your whole life. (Pirouz, 2015).
This essay will focus to explain how past life experiences shape leaders’ character and skills in order to leverage on adversity. Only leaders that take risks and make mistakes have the experience acumen to face hardship, overcome it or learn from it.
According to Bennis, “Experiences aren’t truly yours until you think about them, analyze them,
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Realizing that I grew up among men (I was the only girl among my cousins), playing by their rules and on their terms made me understand how I develop that aspect of my personality. I learned early in life to be fearless, driven and self-assured.
I grew up in a country where corruption and bureaucracy run rampant. To be able to accomplish simple tasks like buying food or applying for a driver license was an act of defiance against the system. The only ways to prevail above adversity were to identify beforehand which obstacles I needed to face and resiliently pursue my goals. Nowadays, I face challenges at work the same way; I plan ahead and pursue my goals persistently.
Adversity events conspire against the idea that leaders can have unlimited control of circumstances. And yet many behave this way until they come face to face with the reality that some things are totally out of their control. (Gonzalez, 2016)
Hardships are different from other kinds of developmental experiences in that they are linked with resilience. According to the Center for Creative Leadership’s research, resilience, or this ability to “bounce back” from hard circumstances, consists of individual capabilities that can be learned and developed in a person’s life: purpose and meaning, cognitive strategies, improvisation, and social support. (Gonzalez, 2016) References
- Pirouz A. (2015), 5 Ways To Deal With Adversity In Business. Retrieved on May 30th 2016 from

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