Advantages Of Wireless Technology In Health Care

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Register to read the introduction… With wireless technology health care providers have the ability to access real-time patient data, clinical histories, treatments, medications, tests, lab results, and insurance information. Using wireless networks and mobile computing solutions, health care providers can gain access to important information anywhere in the healthcare network. The following examples are advantages of mobile computing technology: When wireless devices are installed in ambulances the paramedics do not need to make advance calls the emergency department. Instead wireless video system and audio automatically sends vital signs and ECG rhythm strips from the moving ambulance to the hospital; then the emergency department receives the data in real-time. Mobile workstations allow nurses to collect patient information and carry out real-time charting in the patient’s electronic medical record. In addition they can also place orders for equipment and add other therapies. Mobile workstations are much more efficient than having the nurses run back and forth from the nursing station in order to manually input and retrieve data. Mobile scanning devices can be used by nurses to access Internet-based electronic medication records (databases). The nurses can scan the bar-coded medication and the patient’s bar-coded ID bracelet to confirm that the right medication is given to the right patient at the right time and dosage. Mobile systems like this have the benefits of improving medication management by eliminating medical errors and reducing cost. Wireless technology allows a hospital to make any bed a ‘monitored bed’. The benefits of this are that it allows continuous and non-invasive tracking of the patient’s vital signs without disturbing them. When patients leave the hospitals they can still be monitored by the nurses from home. Some wireless units offer …show more content…
While there are disadvantages with regard to security, access, and storage of data, the advantages are overwhelming. Mobile technology has enhanced patient-doctor relationships and increased patient’s medical knowledge, but most importantly mobile technology is helping people live longer.

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