Essay about Advantages Of Wind Energy Production

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy production?
Wind energy is one of the major renewable energy sources. It is produced through blowing wind. The wind turns the blades of a wind turbine which are connected to a generator, then the generator converts that energy into electricity which then used to power our homes (Origin Energy Limited, 2015).Currently it has being used in Australia to fight the issue of global warming, which is being caused by non-renewable energies. Wind energy production has become an issue in Yorke Peninsula. It is threatening the behaviour of wild life especially migratory birds and other species that depend on mating calls to reproduce. Now they are unable to hear these calls due to the noise ( Conserve Energy Future, 2009 - 2015) Furthermore, local people are also affected by the noise from rolling wind turbines. The number of people suffering with noise pollution related diseases. For example, headache, hypertension, hearing loss etc. (Henshaw, 2012). Though other perspectives say wind energy production creates a number of jobs to local people, it has a larger impact on the economy. Approximately $80,000 or more is needed for the installation of one wind turbine, see the figure below which show where this has been a greater issue. Also production of wind energy depends of the weather, if there is no wind it means power production is very low and also market competition. This has been an issue since many…

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