Advantages Of Prefabricated Components In Construction

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Nowadays due to increasing the population throughout the world, the velocity of housing and construction is increased. However, increasing construction results in consumption of resources and destruction of the environment, as a result sustainable design and green building has become to a very urgent issue to protect the environment. Utilizing the materials which are less harmful to the environment is identified as one of the most important factors to improve sustainability. Using prefabricated components in construction projects is not only environmentally friendly , but also provide better quality and aesthetic for construction. The aim of this paper is to verify the feature of prefabricated building components and identify the advantages of them.

Prefabrication can be defined as construction methods in which a significant percentage of the construction completed off-site in a factory that
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Adoption of prefabricated system reduces the labour costs and materials costs, thus the overall costs of construction is decreased. Prefabricated components are produced in factory where several panels or elements are produced daily, thus economies of scale can take advantage. For example, employing a team of tradesman for construction structural frame may require months of work, which should be paid on hourly basis. Instead, prefabricated panels can be produced more accurately at a factory by professional people. In such case majority of trades costs, such as travel to site, cutting and nailing and cleaning can be reduced. In addition, material costs are ceased due to scale of economies in a company with certain production where the company is definitely able to purchase the raw materials in lower price, and , competition forces companies making similar components to pass these savings along to the

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