Social Media Case Analysis

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Against common stereotypes, LinkedIn is not only for the young adult looking to step into the job market or the already established professional looking for a career switch. LinkedIn for business is becoming one of the most powerful tools on the marketplace. Lead generation, industry connections, brand awareness as well as network and partnership opportunities are all potential growth opportunities from using LinkedIn for business.
Unlike other channels, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where directly marketing, selling, or spamming your business through posts, ads and images is looked down upon. Users come to the platform for a real life, professional digital experience. Due to the uncommon structure of the network, and completely
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When a person or brand knows who they are working with and are able to build trust and relationships with the members who create that team, they are much more prone to doing business. Encourage your employees to create their own LinkedIn pages if they do not already have them, and link them back to the company page. Offering a professional photographer to shoot their profile pictures is never a bad idea. (That awkward cropped photo does not look all that …show more content…
Last but not least, it is important to remember that you need to stay relevant. You have new found business connections and potential leads, keep them familiar with your face and name by providing them with a daily status update on your page, or a weekly blog covering highlighted topics. Not everyone is ready to pull the trigger on new business ventures immediately, but when the time comes, this is a great way to be sure you are at the top of their contacts list.
Using LinkedIn for business has become a leader in the world of professional networking and business development. Used to prospect, hire, connect, and grow by millions around the globe. Nobody likes to be the last person to the party, especially when the party is changing by the minute and playing a role in the future of your

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