Advantages And Disadvantages Of Effective Recruitment And Selection P1

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Effective Recruitment and selection.
P1 Tesco is a public limited company which means that its securities are traded on a stock exchange and also can be bought / sold by any individual. A public limited company is required by law to share their true financial position so that people wanting to invest know the true worth of its shares. An advantage of Tesco being a public limited company is that Tesco can raise large sums of money as there is no limit to how many shareholders a public limited company can have. A disadvantage of this for Tesco would be that public limited companies have the ability to grow very large which could result in loss of communication between departments and mismanagement. Tesco is a private sector business as it is
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All the candidates are already well known to the organization so you have a better idea who is best for the job. Also the people are familiar with how the company run. The disadvantages of recruiting internally is that you have a limited choice of potential applicants and the employees might be less motivated to work rather than someone new. The successful candidate will need their old position filling with another candidate and disagreements could arise with candidates who are not appointed. The advantages of recruiting externally is that there is a higher number of potential applicants which means they can narrow the ideal person down. New candidates may bring new ideas to the company which helps the company come up with new ideas and they also bring new skills to the organization and a wider range of experience. The disadvantages of recruiting externally is that it is a longer process and more time consuming. The selection process might not be effective enough to reveal the best candidate compared to internally where you have a better idea of the candidates. Lastly it is more expensive because of advertising costs and interviews that are carried

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