Relative Care Disadvantages

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Caring for an Infant: The Challenges and Perks of Relative Care

Infants and young children have extra emotional needs and by fully understanding these needs, most of our troubles in dealing with them will be settled. This specifically applies to dealing with the infant’s attachment needs and the possible effects of separating them from their parents.
Gone are the days that only a mother can truly take care of her baby. Anyone of us is capable of providing these youngsters the adequate attention and love they need. Dads and other male relatives such as older brother, uncles and grandfathers are no longer shadowy figures. They were once casted as passive participants in raising infants but not anymore.
These days, not only the mothers are
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Thus, one should fully trust the person to look after their baby.

The Perks
Despite these disadvantages, there are also compelling reasons why you should use relative care. More often than not, your family member or your husband shares the same childrearing philosophies. As long as you live in peace and harmony with these people, you may find childcare option as the most effective solution. You can be sure that they will provide your baby the love, comfort and security he or she needs.
• Most of the time, relative care is cannot be compared to other childcare option. Aside from the parents, these people can deliver utmost love and care for the infant. They can even go beyond what is needed of them just to make sure the baby is safe, healthy and happy.
• You can fully trust your relatives than “strangers” such as the people in day care centers or nannies that you can get from agencies. They can give you the much needed peace of mind. Since they are the infant’s own family, you can expect them to be genuinely interested in the baby’s welfare. They can be fully accountable with the baby’s health and well-being. This gives them the edge over day care centers or nannies for
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It is the original form of childcare and still, a popular option for many parents nowadays. Unlike the older times, mothers no longer stay at home to raise the kids as they also need to earn a living to support the family needs.
However, just like any form of child care, it also has its pluses. You relative can have the best interest for your child like a mother always has. But there are also situations that you will find it difficult to give your aunt or your mother some ideas and pointers on how you want your child to be raised.
The baby’ father can also play a vital role in his or her early life. They may not be the experts in this area but they also share the same values, interests and ideas for the baby’s happiness and well-being. Remember that this set-up will work best if you have good relationships with one another. Work on flexible schedules and look for the person who is willing and able to do the job.
The modern times and its various circumstances prove that it is not only the mother who is capable of taking care and upbringing the child. While you and your relatives sometimes may have contradicting ideas, relative care most often fits the

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