Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smoking Essay

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“Tobacco Free”
“Tobacco free.” We see these words in many schools, colleges, restaurants and some public places as a policy towards tobacco. Despite this policy, many people still smoke cigarette, even in the above places where smoking is prohibited. For example, a number of students smoke cigarette, inside tobacco free campuses. This is mainly because the college’s staff is not adhering to the policy of the college. In addition, there are a lot of public places where smoking is not banned. This shows that there are many public areas for people to smoke. In other words there is no serious policy, which forbid people from smoking. This made people consider smoking as normal thing in the society. Some people argue that smoking gives happiness
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When we take a closer look at the sidewalks, road ways, water pipes, and beaches, we find many pieces of cigarette butts (Keep). The cigarette waste contains primarily “cellulose acetate”, which is a polymer of many carbons due to this it is not biodegradable (cannot be decayed biologically). Therefore, many of these cigarette butts continue to exist in the environment where they were first been thrown. This has two main bad effects for the environment (Marah, 44). Firstly, when we see these wastes everywhere, the environment doesn’t look clean. For example, if these wastes are thrown in beaches, no one gone choose that place for recreation because it is not clean. Secondly, these wastes are really toxic for aquatic organisms, pets, wild life and human beings (Marah, 44). The smoke by itself is toxic for the atmosphere. It affects the environment by polluting the air because the tobacco smoke is composed of toxic gases like “Carbon mono Oxide (CO)”, and “Nitric Oxide (NO2)” (American Cancer …show more content…
The effect of cigarette affects not only the smoker, but also the non-smokers who live or work near cigarette smoker and whoever inhales the smoke will be affected. This kind of cigarette effect is called passive smoking or secondhand smoking effect. When tobacco free policies at work place are not enforce, the workers and customers at different industries will be at great exposure to lung cancer and heart disease (Hedley, 539). This shows that the effects of tobacco in working places are high. When a non-smoker spend most of his/her time with a cigarette smoker the exposure to passive smoke will be high. Therefore it is advisable for the smokers not to smoke, and the the non-smokers should avoid spending time with smokers, while they

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