Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modulation

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15. What is modulation? Give its advantages.
Definition of Modulation
The message signal having weak strength cannot be transmitted directly through the communication channel Since carrier signal carries the message signal therefore, certain carrier signal parameters are changed according to the message signal. A method in which message signal is transmitted to the receiver with the help of carrier signal is called modulation. In this, both carrier signal and message signal are combined. Carrier signal strengthen the message signal to transmit message. Message signal is also called as modulating signal and can be varied in accordance to the carrier signal for transmission purpose. It is an important step of communication system
In simple words,. Modulation is defined as the process whereby some distinct characteristics (such as amplitude or frequency or phase) of a high frequency signal wave (called carrier wave) is varied in accordance with instantaneous value intensity of low frequency signal wave (known as modulating wave.).These variations in characteristics results in amplitude modulation, frequency nodulation and phase modulation.
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If every signal has its own frequency range, then multiple signals can be transmitted simultaneously over a single channel transmit multiple signals simultaneously over a single channel at different frequency ranges.
• Reduced antenna

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