Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distance Learning

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There are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. The ability to supply the personal interaction will be the disadvantages of distance learning. There are millions of students in distance learning programmed, of course there are ‘some students’ who crave the supply of the personal interaction, especially the one who not really independent. Based on my personal opinion I’m disagreeing with this statement; distance learning will be able to supply the personal interaction.

There were many platforms for students to interact with other students in the distance. There are systems that has been provided by University that will help the students to interact effectively, moreover, students also can interact using the short message
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According to, “Learning how to manage your time, activities, and commitments can be hard. But doing so can make your life easier, less stressful, and more meaningful”. Last minute assignment and last minute study will put a student to high level of stress. For people who can’t handle the stress properly, this will lead to the failure. With a good time management, a student will not miss the deadlines and can avoid from being failed.

Secondly is higher quality of work. Doing the assignments early can make a student think further and find more references for their work. If a student waits until the last minutes, they will be rush and this situation will decrease their quality of work that will affect their final results. By practices a good time management, the students will have higher quality of work and then get a higher grade.

Lastly, a student can learn more. Poor time management will reduce the time that we can use to doing some reading or researching for our study. The students also can gain more experiences in their fields if they are committed to learn. An excellent time management will make the students learn more and be success in their
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After being helped by the staff, the lecturer and I figure it out by myself; I’m quite surprised about the ability of MyVLE to help improving my learning.

According to Campbell & Uys (2007) “Technology needs to be regarded as an accepted – and transparent – means of communication”. MyVLE is a technology that helps me to communicate with the other students and tutors. From eForum, I can discuss, asking a question and sharing information with others. This situation will make it easier for me to gain knowledge.

MyVLE also helps me to find course materials and reference. Through the digital library, I can find the eBooks and article that can help me to find knowledge. This system also helps me to check my course content, assignment and my class schedule. I’m also can check my assignment and exam results through MyVle

In conclusion, there are many of MyVLE benefits. It helps me to communicate, find course materials, check my results and many more. Every Students should use this facility to learning and be success in their

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