Self Awareness Of Personal Strengths

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It is the key of aspect in understanding oneself is having the awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness also means that people must understand why they are the way they are. Self-awareness means understanding the impact their strengths and weaknesses have on others, on their effectiveness in various life roles, and on reaching their goals.

Ability to Balance Conflicting Demands:
In organizational life, people encounter conflicting demands. People must learn to not let the conflicts paralyze or overwhelm them, to understand the natural roots of the conflicts, and to develop strategies for balancing or integrating them.

Ability to Learn:
A person with the ability to learn does not deny or ignore the need
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Democratic leaders guide their team members and look for their input on making decisions. In democratic group they have less output than the authorised group but their job is a higher quality. Democratic leaders encourage their members to anticipated but retain over something important. This kind of leadership creates balance, it helps members feel valued and line up more with the Western democratic governments. There are some advantages and disadvantages of democratic leadership.
• Subordinates or workers are asked or take part in the decision making process
• Workers are conscious of what is happening in the organization and thus they will be more productive
• Subordinates have chance to utilize the capabilities
• Power is not focused in the leader suffers from the following disadvantage.
• Decisions making and performances are delayed as compared to, autocratic leadership because this style of leadership is more than one person are involved in decision making process.
• As authority is not focused, less capable executives can’t be used.
Democratic leadership styles:
• Members are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions, even though the leader will decide the final decisions.
• Members feel more attracted in the
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Autocrats likely to make decision independently, which can make their followers feel excluded and feels in abuse of power. Authority is focused and power is obtained from being in strict control. In an organizational case, employees are not asked for their opinion. In a politic, the members are simply expected to follow their leaders demands. Particularly a leader normally uses this kind of leadership, or it is being employed when there is no time to decide or consult others. There are advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership.
• Leaders are provided with strong motivations and rewards
• There is no need a initiative for decision making, planning or organizing
• Quick decision-making is guaranteed because only single person decides the decision for the whole group.
• People don’t like it especially if it is drastic and the motivational style is negative
• Subordinates feel that they do their job, as they have to do so and because of the motivation. Frustration, low morale, and conflict grow easily in autocratic leadership.
• Poor motivators and workers hardly show their creativity and opinion.
Autocratic leadership style
• Little or no opinion input from members.
• Only the leaders will make the decision.
• Leaders dictate the works methods and processes.
• Members are not really trusted with decisions making or important

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